Monday, November 24, 2008

November 22nd 2008

This week i had a lot of wedding cake orders, from small two tiers to large cup cake towers. It was a very intresting week with Hayley helping me with some fresh flower arrangements. She did a wonderful job and I Thank her A LOT for all her help on Saturday! THANKS HAYLEY JANE~!
Two of my favourites this week were the following....

My first favourite is a double 3 tier Mad Hatter cake with all tiers made in our traditional CakeBox Chocolate Shard Mud cake. All icing and decorations we in the colours of Ivory, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and a nice Mocha colour to match the bride's maids dresses.

My second Favourite for that week was for a lovely client of mine who was such a pleasure to talk to every time. It was such a joy to talk to her and to design her daughter's wedding cake who lived in Melbourne. This was a large cup cake tower made up of a cutting cake and 120 Chocolate Mud cup cakes. The cutting cake and cup cakes were iced in a white frosting and trimmed with silver cashou balls. Some cup cakes had small decorations which were beach thongs, beach towel and sea shells. I made icing figurines for the cutting cake, the bride was holding a large bag (as she collects hand bags), the groom was holding a guitar and also their pet cat Gizmo also joined them on the top tier.

If you would like quotes on any cakes that you see on my blog please feel free to email me at

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

**~New Staff~**

Introducing CakeBox's two new office staff members...



Sunday, November 16, 2008

Some other wedding cakes for November so far...

Just some other wedding cakes that I have completed the last two weeks for my clients...
Sorry it has taken so long to post up my latest wedding cakes. At the Cake Box we are in the processes of renovating the Showroom and also the Office so its been very hard to find time.. but very exciting! Once it is complete I will post up some pictures of what has been done! Keep an eye out... he he~*

Chocolate Wedding Cakes Nov

The past few weeks I have done a lot of Chocolate wedding cakes for my clients.. Some of them finished off with some fresh flowers to match their flowers in their bouquets and also with their table pieces..

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

First Week Of November

First week of November brought me some great spring/summer designs. A lot of Reds, Yellows and Peaches in this weeks mix of wedding cakes. I find it funny sometimes as your see each week has a going trend, one week it might be names (where most of the bride's names are the same but with different spelling) and some weeks its colours or flowers but they all seem to have one thing in common. This week it was colours and flowers.
Here are two of my favourite cakes that I had made that week.
The first is a small two tier round with chocolate hazel nut filling covered in white RTR. Red 9mm satin ribbon with red dog roses, red normal roses and small white orchids.

The second one is again a small two tier round this time with sliver 9 mm satin ribbon. pillars in between each tier with fresh white lilies, deep red roses and fresh white small orchids.