Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kyle's Surprise Sunday Session/Birthday Party Fundraiser

Sunday the 23rd of January at the Willagee Rugby League Club we held a SURPRISE Sunday Session and also a Birthday Party fundraiser for the brave little man Kyle, who just turned 8!

Late November 2010 I was told by a very good and close friend of mine, Mandy, that her son is ill and has just been diagnosed with the blood cancer called Leukemia. I remember that night she told me, I felt an emptiness and a massive drive to help and show support in any way, shape or form.

The next day I went up to PMH to visit Mandy and Kyle. I walked into the ward and with seconds I had to walk back out, I broke down in tears! I was a teary mess and I really needed to be strong for them both! They didn't need to see me like this...
I collected myself and walked back in with Balloons and cupcakes. The Cook family didn't know that I was coming visit so I was more then happy to leave the balloons and cakes if they didn't feel up to visitors.
After the nurse asking for permission to let me see them both I got to see the little soldier and my good mate! They both were still in shock but in high spirits on the outlook of their new journey. I am not a mother myself but to see the pain and hurt in Mandy's eyes killed me! No mother should have to go through something like this...BUT I was once told we are only dealt with what we CAN handle! and I do believe that the Cook family are Strong and that they all CAN handle this! There is a light!

I got home after my visit and I was talking to my family saying that I needed to do something more... I needed to do something to show them that the Cook family have ALOT of support and also that we are all here for them!

After talking to a few friends about a Sunday Session fundraiser it all become a reality within days... I emailed a few businesses for help and also told all of our friends! EVERYONE was so keen to jump on board and help out as much as they can. It was a great warm fuzzy feeling knowing that we all can come together and help out a mate in need!

A week before the event it was brought to my knowledge that it was Kyle's 8Th birthday on the Monday, SO plans changed direction and what went from a relaxed Sunday Session to a FUN MEMORABLE BIRTHDAY PARTY!

(Mandy, Kaylee and Chris "Cookie")

(Gid, Floppa, Hayley, Lou and Kaylee)

The beautiful Jennie from "Party Wishes" jumped on board to give the day an awesome super hero lift by donating... THANK YOU

(Beautiful work!)

also Brad and Cara from Air-born Amusements thought that the party needed a bit of a bounce by donating... THANK YOU

We also had 96 FM help us out by donating juice boxes, movie tickets, CDs, yo-yos and other nic-nacs to give away... THANK YOU

It was all coming together, as a sporting club which then grew into a massive group of people wanting to lend a hand... Great people donating big and small from little mate's pocket and lunch money, prizes, gifts and time... to large sums of money! EVERYONE helped! THANK YOU

Two awesome chicks then jumped on board by offering their time and painting skills to FACE PAINTING! Thanks Hayley and Alexa!

We also were joined by the 80 year old Balloon Twisting man ROY! He was so cute and the kids loved his creations...

The list goes on... Sausage sizzle, Curry puffs, KARAOKE (If you need an awesome KARAOKE GOOD TIME EMAIL ME AND I WILL PASS YOU ONTO BIG T) (Thanks Big T), Live music, Bar staff, Kitchen Staff, Becstar's mate Brad and his family, Cockburn bowling club, Charlie and his two daughters and also the BEAUTIFUL Tiff and Justine who cut every ones hair THANK YOU... EVERYONE that was there to share the day THANK YOU.. to all that couldn't make the day but still donated THANK YOU

(mmm Delicate-Lee's Cupcakes are SOOOOO Good!)

We raised OVER (still counting as we are still getting donations) $4,000

As for the big shave... It was a VERY emotional one... but worth every tear! and HEY its growing back!

(Me and the Man of the day!)

I am enjoying the no hair situation... extra 20-30 minutes in bed so I have worked out, NO shampooing, NO brushing, NO drying and NO Styling

You can FEEL the wind! You can feel a whole different sensation when your hair is all of 2-3mm long!

I am not the only nude nut walking around, i was joined by so many, kids, brothers, mates and also Kyle's dad... LOOK OUT WORLD THE NUDE NUTS ARE TAKING OVER! hahaha

The amount of lovin I am getting now being a nude nut is awesome! "Kaylee you look fantastic!" "WOW You suit the bald!" "Oh Kaylee it doesn't look that bad! I like it" (words from my grandma, who was a nude nut herself last year) "Ay you look like Pink!" The comments and support is so warming!
Ladies and Gents...Feel free to rub my head in public, I love the feeling! I am not sick, You won't catch my baldness and I am not a MAD criminal with tattoos! You can look me in the eyes when I order a coffee...PLEASE HAHAHA

Thank you all once again! I hope you enjoy the photos taken by a good friend, Jay, Thanks Hun!

To Kyle! We all hope that you had an A W E S O M E 8th Birthday! Love ya GuTz!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Jay & Gid's New Years Eve Wedding

"What can we say.....the beautiful cake that you created was absolutely beautiful! Gid and I were blown away. Not only did it look fantastic but tasted great too. Your attention to detail in regards to the material from my dress to match the cake was exceptional and everyone who has an eye for detail noticed this...You ...are simply AMAZING...we Love you and cant express how much we appreciate the time and effort you put into making our wedding cake. ♥ "

White chocolate Mud Cake layered in a Dark Chocolate Ganache.