Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Last Wedding cake for 2010..and the year that was...

As 2010 comes close to an end, I thought I would take a time trip back and look at what was...
What a massive year... I am very lucky to have been given a great 2010 filled with success, love, load of fun and opportunity BUT some of my close friends wasn't so lucky... First I would like to wish them all a BETTER 2011 and I know that with a great amount of support, love, cake and a few baby steps it will be a MUCH better year!

Working with a great team at Cupid's Delight!
It was fantastic meeting and working with Sarah, Melissa and also Emily as well as working along side with Rob, Julia and Margaret again.
We had some great times including making a cake for Sir Richard Branson and I EVEN got the chance to meet the MAN!

The Sweet Bake Off *~Mad Hatter Style~* which I made and missed, all for good reasons... Miss you Nanna

Wedding Cake at the Fremantle Prison, Which was very SCARY haha even if I delivered the cake during the day! I was SCARED! BUT Still an awesome place to have your wedding reception..

During winter with not alot of work on, there is NO rest for me as the Rugby League season is in full swing. Most my weekends and some nights are taken to coach the awesome Bear ladies (May I add we have a great season!). I also got the opportunity to manage and go over to Adelaide with the WA State side 2010. I had been away on state as player in 2009 and had alot of fun and the chance to meet some great ladies from other teams , who I really didn't like on the field but that all changed... This state trip was different, New bunch of ladies, we WON and got to bring the trophy home to WA. We also had some great times and shared alot of laughs! Thanks LADIES! See ya on the field (finger crossed) or on the sideline 2011

Another two busy months with August filled with some great cake times with my niece Mad Moo! It was her FIRST birthday and not only did she get a cake bigger then her she also got her first cake decorating and baking lessons! (Got to get in early)

August and September were filled with some great cakes! Bright and FUN! but what topped September off for Delicate-Lee was taking out FIRST PLACE at the Perth Royal Show! (Even got a great write up in the local paper!)

Well October was spent in Bali! with a great mate and her kids! It was my first time in Bali and I will have to say I AM HOOKED! Check out my birthday cake Bec and the kids surprised me with! LOVE IT

After some well earned time away November was a crazy time again for birthdays and weddings! Not only that we launched our first ever Cake class which was held in December...

Wedding cake giveaway, Grandma's 70th Birthday, Christmas Cupcake workshop and now Delicate-Lee's Last wedding cake for the year for Jay and Gid!

**SNEAK PEAK** JOKES! You will all have to wait till after New Years!

I would like to THANK all my FAMILY (Mum, Pete(AKA Bubbaganush), Lisa, Sarah, Scott and Little Mad Moo), CLOSE FRIENDS AND GOOD FRIENDS (You know who you all are), Clients and Customers, Students and also our CAKE FANS for all your Support, Love and Kindness given this year! Without you all Delicate-Lee and Myself wouldn't be where we are today! THANK YOU <3 ya GUTZ

See you all in 2011! Bring IT ON!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Cupcake WorkShop

Saturday the 11Th of December we held our Christmas Cupcake Workshop which was PACKED with over 4 hours of sweet icing fun.

We would like to THANK all the beautiful ladies that attended and we hope that we will see you in the classes or workshops in 2011.

~Cupcakes made by Jody!

~Santa made by Vanessa, Very Cute!

~Cupcakes made by Cathy

~Cupcakes made by Amy

Next workshop is "SWEET SPARKLE FANGS!"

Also have you signed up for our monthly "DELICATE-NEWS"? If not email us with the subject "I WANT IN ON DELICATE-LEE'S NEWS" and we will add you to the mailing list...

We all here at Delicate-Lee would like to wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A VODKA CHERRY FILLED NEW YEAR!

Kind Cake Regards

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wedding Cake Giveaway GOES TO WELLA

We would like to congratulate Wella and her partner who won our wedding cake giveaway.

Here is her 'Will You Marry Me Story'....

...My fiance Dyllen is the most shy-est person you could ever meet so shy that when he proposed to me he wrote me a letter...
This is how it went (I think I was In my 3rd trimester of my second pregnancy )
Dad wants to know if you will marry him
I love you babe and I want you to be my wife...

So sweet! We can't wait to make your wedding cake!

The wedding will be in March 2011 so we will keep you all updated!

we would like to THANK all the brides that messaged us with their stories, they all were so sweet and individual. Great to know that there is so many beautiful men out there under the pressure <3 it

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wedding Cake GiveAway for PERTH Brides!

we are giving away a wedding cake! That's right a WEDDING CAKE! Valued at $798.00 Three tier round, ribbon around each tier, 'old skool' roses cascading down the front, colours can be changed to suit your special day!
The cake will be Chocolate fudge cake layered in our silky sweet chocolate ganache. All you need to do is message us on facebook (Delicate-Lee Cake Specialist) with your "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" story.
we also need to know your wedding date, how many people?, where you are having your reception? and your contact details including contact number and email.

**Your wedding has to be in 2011 ONLY! **This give away does not include delivery**Winner will be selected randomly and will be notified via email and by phone**GIVEAWAY CLOSES AND WINNER CONTACTED ON Monday the 6th of DECEMBER 2010

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Birthdays, Birthdays and More BIRTHDAYS!

Before we get to the cakes, like promised here is the BEAUTIFUL ROSES all the way from the Melbourne Cup. These roses help with some inspirational flower making and colouring! **EXCITED**

Check out some of these cakes that has been keeping us busy!

Also ONLY 2 spots left in the CHIRSTMAS CUPCAKE WORKSHOP! email us now!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Bright music filled with cakes...

Just a few of the cakes that was made this week that I fell in LOVE with!

First one was for a 30th Birthday party! When making this cake I couldnt help myself but to listen to the "King of POP"
"I Wanna Rock With You (All Night)
Dance You Into Day (Sunlight)
I Wanna Rock With You (All Night)
We're Gonna Rock The Night Away" well bake and decorate the night AWAY!

Next up!

Bright coloured 21st cake for Renee! Colours Pink, Black and Silver! This cake design is very simple but speaks alot! Love this design and I am sure now I will see plenty more! What do you think??

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Christam Cupcake Workshop

We DON’T have a date yet as we are still waiting on confirmation on the venue BUT it will be held within the first 2 weeks of December.

Just a quick sneak peak of what will be happening to tickle your taste buds!

4 Hours

12 Cupcakes
Ganache and so sweet icing!
Santa, Angels, Christmas Bears, Bells, Holly, Snow and most things Jolly!

All you will need to bring is your Christmas spirit, Santa laugh, elf creativity and yourself!


Terms and Conditions and Payment information is available to email if you wish.

We should get the dates out to all intresed by the weekend!

EMAIL US TO GET YOUR NAME DOWN! (we will email the FULL course outllineto you) 4 SPOTS LEFT

Sunday, October 17, 2010

hits local paper!

That's right ladies and gentlemen! DELICATE-LEE made it on the inside cover of the local paper!

It reads...

Cake makers be warned -Plain Jane white frosted numbers will no longer cut it.
At least not if Orelia cake maker Kaylee Mitchison's creations are anything to go by.
Kaylee's bright in colour with a touch of munsters madness on top, took out first prize for the best decorated cake at this year's Perth Royal Show.
Congratulations to Kaylee for daring to be different and to the judges at the show for giving the boring cakes a boot.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What happens in your head??

What is the first picture you get in your head when I say the word "WEDDING CAKE"?

Put pen to paper and email me your picture to
info (at) delicatelee (dot) com (dot) au

This will be helping me in some cake designs for the future also it would be nice to see what people really think when it comes to the "Wedding Cake". It will help with what people expect when they see one too!

This will be running till the 28Th of October!

More information to come! Keep your eyes OPEN!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Perth Royal Show 2010

Well if you have been following on facebook you would kind of know the journey that I have been on leading up to the Perth Royal Show.

I started by making an "inspiration" board. This was made up from pictures that I loved. I wanted something BRIGHT, OUT THERE and also something to show my love for the MUNSTERS! hehe

Here is what I started with...

I then went with a three tier design... I love odd number tiers for weddings... I don't know why but I feel that "even" numbered tiers in wedding cakes look un complete.

The bright pink, sky blue and the deep royal purple complemented each other very nicely. When I first put the three colours together I wasn't 100%... But when finishing the cake I was very happy and ecstatic. Now while we are on the topic of colour I would like to tell you all one of the disappointments I had in this cake adventure. Lately I have been using the AmeriColour soft gel colours to colour my icing. The reason of this is ONE, I don't mind trying something new and TWO, it was all that my local supplier was selling. While at home and the whole process of making the show cake at home the colours we GREAT! As I said I was so HAPPY with the out come. When it came to the delivery of the cake, 20 minutes by car, 8:30AM, car with tinted windows, I was very disappointed. The colour of the icing faded from BRIGHT to DULL! I have never EVER had this problem to this EXTENT! Yes icing colours do fade BUT they shouldn't fade this much in this short amount of time... I WILL NOT use this brand of colour again... This is so SAD as they do have a great range of colours BUT I can not risk something like this happening again..


With the problem of the colour and also Mr Hurman Munster not waiting to stand straight we finally got the cake to the show.

The amount of SUPPORT, LOVE, POSITIVE ENERGY from all my family, friends, friends of friends, the ladies from the cake decorating clubs, my work and also from people I don't know has been overwhelming! I would like to THANK EVERYONE that has helped me as it has given me more drive to achieve more with my passion of cakes!

I honestly didn't think that my cake would receive 1st prize or even a place at all! When I was told that my cake come FIRST I really couldn't believe it! WOW it must have been something even with the colour fading and My Hurman not doing what he is meant to...

Going to the show on Sunday to see the cake (now with ribbons falling off, looks like the cake has no love or owner) with a giant BLUE ribbon was the best ever feeling! To have my mum, family and close friends to be so proud of me was well worth the hours and stress that was involved with the whole process. To stand in the large crowd and listen to the comments and feedback that was being said was AMAZING! EVERYONE loved how different this wedding cake was.

Thank YOU!

I will be planning and starting my Royal Show entry for 2011 in a few months! EXCITING TIMES AHEAD!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

HaPPy 18th BiRtHdAy *~Tim Burton Style!

I am a massive fan of Tim Burton! I love his creations and he is a true artist!

This birthday cake was so much fun to make! and I fell in love with my "Tim Burton" style roses so much! I think even Mr Burton himself would be impressed!

Check out the cake yourself and let us know what you think!

HaPPy 1st BiRthDay Seth!

First birthdays everywhere! They are so exciting and are so much fun to plan and be apart of!

This cake was for a little man, who I hope had a great birthday and We hope that he loved his cake!

Seth, Mad Moo (Maddison) is very sorry that she couldn't be apart of your milestone birthday but I am sure that if she was well she would of had an awesome time (I am pretty sure that we would have had to take some of those farm animals home!).

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday!

HappY BiRthdaY Chloe!
I hope that you had a great weekend! and that you enjoyed your cake!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cupcake Lessions with A Young Student! MAD MOO!

Well it was KITCHEN time for myself and my niece MAD MOO... She already knows how to knead the icing since she was 8 months BUT today its all about the mixing! haha We had so much fun making mini cupcakes! Check it out!

What we need!

Mixing the cupcake ingredients

Mad Moo taking notes!

Straight out of the oven!

"...MmMmM Looks awesome Aunt Lee!"

and ALL finished! Thanks for your help Mad Moo! Now these are ready for our Zoo trip tomorrow!