Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Last Saturday Was All About Elegants

Last Saturday my two favourite cakes were nothing but beautiful elegant pieces of art.
What do you think?

This first cake is a white covered RTR with all cakes in fruit cake. Bottom tier was a double stack with a top tier being a single stack on top. Brush silver monograms on top with white icing roses. Just stunning! I can't wait to see the wedding photos!

Second cake is a standard two tuer square, white icing with simple red icing roses on top.

Monday, August 17, 2009

All Inked Up For A 21st

I am going to do a tattoo inspired wedding cake for the showroom but for the Saturday just gone I was asked to make a 21st birthday cake which was in the same theme.

The 21st cake was a small three tier round, chocolate mud covered in a dark ivory RTR. Black cake board along with 16mm black ribbon around each tier.
I then painted each cake with a leopard print and decorated the cake in icing nautical stars, cherries, little stars, swallows and large red tattoo style roses.
The cake was then finished off with a pin up icing mermaid on top and large bright red hearts with banners saying "Happy" "21st" "Birthday" "Emily"
I will be making a showroom cake similar to this cake this week so keep you eyes peeled!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Shoowroom Cake NUMBER SIX

With the Portia being so popular at the Cake Box I thought it would be best to make it for the showroom for everyone to see.

I have modified it just a little by making it a 5 tier round, white icing, white satin ribbon with beautiful bows at the back, cascading "Tania" roses down the front in a stunning bridal white with the edges of the petals dusted in a rose pink edible glitter.

This size cake will feed about 325 finger portions or 160 for dessert.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Saturday The 8th of August

Weddings are now starting to pick back up as the weather is becoming more fine and sunny...
I had a few wedding cake orders for Saturday which was a nice mix with a "Sweet Sakura" cup cake order in colours of white and red, a red and ivory 2 tier "Kerri" and a custom black and white "Amber".. along with a few birthday orders and also prep for showroom cakes.

The Kerri cake in a standard two tier was iced in Ivory RTR with nice red trimmings. Underneath the elegant cake was a beautiful white velvet mud cake which I believe was served for finger portions (take home).

Next pictured is the customized Amber. The original Amber is a standard four tier covered in chocolate RTR with a gathered ripple affect on each tier with a bright burnt orange icing bow on top. This bride loved the soft icing bow and had a plain white covered standard four tier with a classic black icing bow on top. This was my favourite of the week! Underneath the icing, starting from the top was a traditional fruit cake, butter cake, Cake Box's famous carrot cake and on the bottom was a nice chocolate mud.

Showroom Cake #4 and #5

Showroom Cake Number Four ~This is a design I had to remake due to its popularity. Presenting the "New" HAYLEY
The new Hayley still has the features of the old design that everyone loved but we use upgraded the colour and also changed the style of flowers along the bottom.

The "Old" Hayley

The "New" Hayley
What do you think?
Here are some Hayley designs I have done in the past for other weddings...

Showroom Cake Number Five ~I have decided that I will not post up ALL the pictures of the new cakes until I have finished them all.. Showroom cake number five (Avery) is a wedding cake which will feed around 50 finger portions... It is white icing with black tarnished gold decorations... I won't say too much now he he You all will have to wait a few more weeks till i post up photos.. or your more then welcome to pop into the showroom...