Sunday, August 9, 2009

Saturday The 8th of August

Weddings are now starting to pick back up as the weather is becoming more fine and sunny...
I had a few wedding cake orders for Saturday which was a nice mix with a "Sweet Sakura" cup cake order in colours of white and red, a red and ivory 2 tier "Kerri" and a custom black and white "Amber".. along with a few birthday orders and also prep for showroom cakes.

The Kerri cake in a standard two tier was iced in Ivory RTR with nice red trimmings. Underneath the elegant cake was a beautiful white velvet mud cake which I believe was served for finger portions (take home).

Next pictured is the customized Amber. The original Amber is a standard four tier covered in chocolate RTR with a gathered ripple affect on each tier with a bright burnt orange icing bow on top. This bride loved the soft icing bow and had a plain white covered standard four tier with a classic black icing bow on top. This was my favourite of the week! Underneath the icing, starting from the top was a traditional fruit cake, butter cake, Cake Box's famous carrot cake and on the bottom was a nice chocolate mud.

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