Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Weddings October - November

Here is some of the wedding cakes that we have been so grateful for creating for such lovely and great clients! Pretty way to start the wedding season <3

Cupcake Tower "Trish and Ted"
80 mixed Chocolate Fudge and Snow White Vanilla cupcakes topped with a fluffy cream butter cream finished off with edible seashell/beach theme cupcake toppers.
This stunning cupcake creation was for an early morning beach wedding followed by a nice summer brunch held at the beach front cafe. BEAUTIFUL

Standard Three Tier Stack "Tenniell and Dean"
Refreshing, elegant, modern wedding cake topped with fresh Royal Purple roses and lisanthus.
RTR wrap with pearls and clear gems down the side of the cake to highlight.
One of my all time FAV cake designs.
Top tier, banana cake layered in white chocolate ganache.
Middle tier, snow white brownie layered in a creamy white chocolate ganache.
Bottom tier, rich chocolate brownie layered in a rich dark chocolate ganache.

Three Tier Mini Stack "Anne"
Very simple and classic white covered wedding cake highlighted with a soft silver satin ribbon with a dark satin grey along the middle.
The top two tiers was our snow white brownie layered in our creamy white chocolate ganache with the bottom tier in our chocolate brownie layered in our rich dark chocolate ganache.
BEAUTIFUL satin bows to finish the back of the cake ( I L O V E B O W S)

Feedback via Email
Kaylee the cake was fabulous. Thank you so
much for all the effort you put into squeezing us into your orders that
weekend. The bride & groom were delighted with the cake and the
feedback I have had from other guests was fantastic. I will certainly
pass your name on to other friends.

I wish you well in your
business and look forward to using you again one day..."

What did your wedding cake look like? OR If you could design a wedding cake, what would it look like? We would LOVE to hear your thoughts


(PICTURE: Mik Showing Our Cake Some CAKE LOVE)

The Perth Royal Show for 2011 has been and GONE! Delicate-Lee's response from this years cake competition is still alive and talked about to this day.

This year I really wanted to step out to show my cake personality and cake artistic eye. I was told by many that this would be a risk as some judges may not like what I produced and I may not get the score that my sugar craft is worth. WELL I will NOT let that stop me from expressing my love passion and personality.
I do not enter the Perth Royal Show to win prizes, ribbons and the high scores of the judges. I enter the Perth Royal Show to push my skills and to design and create a sugar/cake art piece which I may not be able to do on a day to day "job" cake order. I also do it to give the public something interesting to look at and to show that cake decorating is an art not just thickly covered, white fruit cakes topped with roses and drapes.
Winning prises and ribbons are an added bonus.
I feel that the most rewarding part of the cake competition and the MAIN reason why I enter is the feedback I get from family, friends, friends of friends, work mates, class students, the public and the KIDS! To have your proud friend ring you and say ..." OH MY Kaylee! Your cake is AWESOME and it was so GREAT to hear the "ohs" and "wows" by everyone that walked past, I was so proud knowing that I KNOW THE CHICK THAT MADE THAT CAKE"...
The many HOURS and DAYS; the stress of DELIVERY is all worth the golden "wows" and "ohs" That is my first place ribbon.

Here is what I produced for the Perth Royal Show 2011:

MASTERS: Decorated Theme Wedding Cake
"Freak Show Wedding"


OPEN: Decorated Wedding Cake
-Inspired by the BEAUTIFUL and TALENTED, Jade Homemaker from Suzi Homemaker (Thank you Hun!)


OPEN: Decorated Christmas Cake
-Inspired by my hero, Tim Burton


I would like to thank my Beautiful Mum, Sisters, Brother and Great other half along with all my close friends, work mates, students, kids and everyone that has supported me through another chapter of "DELICATE-LEE"
Thank you, I am very gratefull for all your LOVE and SUPPORT

Message from TWITTER From Duff Goldman -Ace of Cakes
"...I'd say KICK ASS JOB!..."


Back in October I was delighted to make one of my good cake friends her 30Th Birthday cake for her brunch celebration.

I was very lucky to have met such a LOVELY lady in our Vintage Cupcake Bouquet Workshop and since then we have been cakie mates!

You all MUST go check out her AWESOME cupcakes, cake pops and cookies! This lady is very talented and is a MUST HAVE for any bite-size treat events.

Dimitra's bright and girly cake was a mini two tier, chocolate fudge layered in a rich dark chocolate ganache and then covered in a hot pink RTR.
Hand painted, edible rose buttons to finish off the nice sky blue drapes along with cherry red hearts.

and this is the main reason that I LOVE my job!

via SMS
"...OHH MY GOD MY CAKE IS AMAZING! Thankyou Sooo much, I got teary when I saw the cake! Thank you thank you thank you love your cake gutz Xo..."