Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Back in October I was delighted to make one of my good cake friends her 30Th Birthday cake for her brunch celebration.

I was very lucky to have met such a LOVELY lady in our Vintage Cupcake Bouquet Workshop and since then we have been cakie mates!

You all MUST go check out her AWESOME cupcakes, cake pops and cookies! This lady is very talented and is a MUST HAVE for any bite-size treat events.

Dimitra's bright and girly cake was a mini two tier, chocolate fudge layered in a rich dark chocolate ganache and then covered in a hot pink RTR.
Hand painted, edible rose buttons to finish off the nice sky blue drapes along with cherry red hearts.

and this is the main reason that I LOVE my job!

via SMS
"...OHH MY GOD MY CAKE IS AMAZING! Thankyou Sooo much, I got teary when I saw the cake! Thank you thank you thank you love your cake gutz Xo..."

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