Monday, December 28, 2009

Finishing Up For 2009

Well what a lovely year I have had with cakes...
Last lot of beautiful wedding cakes and birthday cakes I would like to share with you that has finished off the year very nicely...

Delicate-Lee hopes that you all had a great Christmas and would like to wish you all a very safe and happy new year! See you all in 2010!

Monday, December 7, 2009

It's All About Beautiful Flowers...

The first week of December's wedding cakes were all about stunning flowers, this included both fresh and icing.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Nice Way to Finsh the Last Weekend of November 2009!

What a busy week and weekend I just had! Great way to finish the last week of November! I had a few corporate functions to cater cakes for as well as my usual wedding cakes and also my crazy Saturday filled with decorating bridal appointments and deliveries.
This massive cup cake tower of about 280 cup cakes was for a re launch of their company logo AECOM. I hope you all had a good evening.
These cup cakes were a mix of chocolate fudge and a vanilla fudged topped with a white frosting and an edible logo on top.

This next cup cake tower was for Lunch Box's High Tea party in the city.
I was lucky enough to be invited along for some wine, canapes and CUP CAKES!
Thanks Emma and Amy for a lovely evening! Met some great ladies and also complements to the chef on those springs rolls! YUM!

This would have to be MY FAVORITE wedding cake that I have made for this month. What an awesome cake!
Three tier mad hatter, chocolate fudge and butter cake for the flavours, different shades of purple icing wrapped around each tier with icing peacock birds on top inspired by some material birds found by the bride from an American website. Real peacock feathers and icing orchids complemented the whole look of the cake. I hope the Bride and groom loved their wedding cake as much as I did!

This four tier was another beautiful design that i was given the chance to draw up and bring to life with icing. This size cake will feed about 220 for finger portions or about 103 for dessert. White icing with different size crystals and pearls on the side of the cake topped with stunning fresh deep red roses! Love IT!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Delicate-Lee is a Real Fascinator...

Along with the wedding cake orders, birthday cake surprises and beautiful cup cakes I had my first shot at making a fascinator for my sister. I am very happy with the way it turned out so I may have found my next calling in life. *~Ha Ha~*

Check out some of the cakes for the weekend just gone and my first ever FASCINATOR! Happy Spring Racing!~*

*~Thanks LIL sis for being my photo model~*

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Friday, November 13, 2009

Presenting... NEW SHOWROOM CAKE...


Hello Kitty Wedding Topper and Baby Blocks

My two favourite cakes this week is a wedding cake and a christening cake...
The wedding cake was a three tier round covered in ivory icing finished off with an ivory satin ribbon. The bottom and top tier was embossed with the invitation paper which left a stunning delicate affect. The middle tier replicated the invitation paper with an off white royal icing. Small white orchids with baby green glitter to highlight the orchids tongue.

Next we have 2 cute baby building blocks. These measured 7 inches square covered in white and a soft blue.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy 50th Showered in Chocolate Cup Cakes

Saturday with some help from Suze and my good old mate Arthur we completed a massive cup cake tower for a 50Th birthday!

All the Cup Cakes and Cutting Cake were Cake Box's famous Chocolate Mud in a silver cup cake case covered in a rich chocolate ganache topped with dark chocolate curls.

The cup cake stand was complemented by some fresh summer citruses, kiwi fruit, berries and grape leaves.

Great start to November..

Nice fresh summer start to November with loads of wedding cakes and also celebration cakes to keep me busy.
Just a few bright coloured wedding cakes that were my favourite for the weekend...
This first one is our "Maddison" wedding cake in a two tier standard with shades of apple green around each tier. White icing Asiatic lilies with brush silver monograms on top. This size cake will feed 110 finger portions or 54 for dessert.

This next one was a standard three tier which will feed 165 finger portions or 81 for dessert covered in white RTR with a dark purple ribbon around each tier. Icing white, soft pink and burgundy roses on top as well as scattered around the whole cake.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Nightmare Before *~Halloween~*

This would have to be the best, most enjoyable, most rewarding and AWESOME wedding cake I have ever done! *~Thank You~*

On the 14Th of March this year this awesome couple stepped foot into my showroom with a collection of pictures of their dream wedding cake. Little did the Bride and Groom know... I also was in "LOVE" with this wedding cake!
The highlight of my cake career was this 4 tier mad hatter.
The top and the third tier was a chocolate hazel nut mud and the second and bottom tier was a creamy butter cake each covered in our rich chocolate ganache and brightly coloured RTR.
The main colours used were dirty wedge wood blues, burgundy, dusty purples and black with the smaller details being in orange, dark green and ivory.
I made icing figurines for the top. "Jack and Sally" from Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. This is one of my all time favourite movies and I LOVE JACK!
Sally was a great figurine to make but it was Jack that tested my patience. Jack is very skinny and is a very fragile type of figure. He took the most time to make as each arm and leg had to be held in place to dry but the topper was an awesome experience to make! *~I wanted to take them home for myself haha ~*
After spending bulk hours making this cake it was time to deliver. I was so nervous delivering this cake with my good mate Arthur as it was so large and because I had put in so much effort into this cake that I didn't want ANYTHING to go wrong.
We got to Peel Manor in one piece (so did the cake) after a long slow drive it was time to set it up on the cake table.
When I walked into the room it looked STUNNING! I really didn't want to leave after my job was done!
Before I could even put the cake down on the table I had all the staff and also the bride and groom's parents around the table speechless. This was one jaw dropping cake that the Bride and Groom had to see before their wedding ceremony (on separate trips as they couldn't see each other).
It was the most rewarding experience to be standing their while the Bride and Groom looked at their cake and fell in love with the work I had done for them. I then knew that it was perfect especially getting hugs while covered in food colouring and icing sugar while the Groom looked fantastic in his suit and the Bride looking ever so beautiful with hair and make up done waiting for the right moment to put on her dress. This moment was the best ever! I didn't have dry eyes that's for sure!
I hope they had a great wedding day! I know this cake will be one that I won't ever forget! THANK YOU!
Check out the pictures! (I will post up more soon)

Wednesday Wedding and Bulk Cakes for Saturday 31st

I had a wednesday wedding and bulk weddings for Saturday the 31st.. Here are a few of my favourites Plus keep your eye out for my 4 tier Mad Hatter "Jack and Sally" Wedding cake...