Monday, December 22, 2008

Wedding Cakes December

Another busy month at the CakeBox...
With the added stresses of Christmas I haven't had the chance to update.. Sorry

This cake with the icing Frangiapannis was so cute! This would have to be my favourtie...

I wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a SAFE HAPPY NEW YEAR~*

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christams at the Cake Box

Thought I might share with you all our new Christmas cake range from our CakeBox Shop!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

First week of DECEMBER 08 (Arr not long till Christams)

This weekend I had a few cakes I few in love with... Hope you like

This beautiful, modern soft Pink three tier was for a friend who was married in the nice gardens of Caversham House. When I delivered the cake I was amazed on how beautiful the reception looked. As you walked into the room there was this beautiful floor to roof mirror with the curly black frame... I want one in the Cake Box showroom, I'm in love with it! ha ha

This awesome, colour full wedding cake was also for the Friday, I wanted to post it up as it was something different to you standard wedding cakes and cup cakes. This was made up of 40 mini cakes decorated with poured fondant and royal icing accents. It was so bright and colour full! Such a joy to make... *~Thanks Sazzie for helping!~*

This cake below is popular like our Sue cake but it is called "Hayley" This is the first time I have made it in this colour, Ivory with red... JUST BEAUTIFUL!

On Sunday the 7Th CakeBox had its Christmas party for 2008! Such a lovely day and I am paying for it now with tomato RED shoulders he he *~Keep you eye out for Pictures of our Christmas Party BBQ~* (Thanks to our Camera Lady CATHY)

29th November 08

My favourite for this week which were all for the 29Th of November 08.

This first one was a small two tier, Ivory icing with silver icing hearts on wire as well as over the cake. Top tier is finished off nicely with the Brush Silver Monograms "S & A"

The second cake is one of our popular designs from the CakeBox which is called the Sue. The two tier cake was done in Ivorys with ivory icing roses with painted red tips.

The third cake is a three tier square iced in white RTR with white icing roses scattered with Navey centres to match the ribbon around each tier.