Wednesday, July 21, 2010

well... Cupcakes are the Fun... But the NEW fun is...


As requested by the locals at the local bowling club to make some nice Mince Party Pies... I have to say i was very nervous as Sugar is my specialty but mince... Maybe not...

~Onion, Garlic

~Pie Tops on ready for the OVEN


Well I was under pressure and I was very scared on what the local bowlers were going to say and think after biting into the fresh pastry of my cup pies...

What do you think? They did smell AWESOME! but what did they taste like???

"Beef Curry Next Week Please!"
"Wow these are fantastic! And you made them?"
"Is there any more left?"
"The pastry is nice and crispy!"
"Just a little bit more gravy and they will be the best pies I have ever tasted! What are you making next Wednesday?"

By the feedback and the requests for MORE I say my Savory Mince Cup Pies were AWESOME haha Look out Mrs Macs!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Wax On... Wax Off..."

It's Antoni's 7Th birthday and he wanted to celebrate it... Karate Kid style!

9" Round Chocolate Mud cake layered in a rich dark chocolate ganache.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Joondalup Rugby League Club *~20th Annirversary~*

Saturday the 10Th Myself and the Willagee Captain (Bec) was kindly invited to Joondalup's 20Th Anniversary Ball held at the Woodvale Function Room.

What a great night we both had! It was lovely to meet, talk and dance with people that we see on a regular basis on the rugby field. I also have to say that the ladies looked fantastic in their beautiful ball gowns! So use to seeing some of them in their rugby gear that you couldn't recognize them.

Thank you for having us! It was a great night! See you all on the field this SATURDAY! Go the BEARS haha See you all at the bar after the game for a drink!

Now back to business... The Cake...

We made a Cup cake tower which had 68 chocolate fudge cup cakes iced in a creamy sweet butter cream topped with an edible image of the Giants logo.

The cutting cake was a chocolate fudge layered with our awesome rich dark chocolate ganache. It was shaped and topped with an icing figurine to look like the logo. This was then painted in an edible gold to look like a massive cup cake trophy.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

What I Was Missing Out On...

The past two days I have tried two great things that now are a new LOVE of mine. They both have been out available at the shops for a very long time... I have always seen them and thought "Nar, waste of money, wouldn't work"
Now I eat my words... These two products are fantastic and They both will become a normal day to day thing that I will use on a regular basis. What am I talking about you say??

Product Number One: Silicon Cake Molds
On Friday I thought I would give it a shot as most of the cake "Tins" are now silicon. I honestly didn't think they would work. I thought that it would melt or be very difficult to get the cake out in one piece (so I had my good old trusty normal tin as back up just in case) and I was WRONG! Silicon is FANTASIC! I will be now updating my tins "In with the NEW and out with the OLD"

Product Number Two: Scholl Party Feet
Last night I attended the Joondalup Rugby League Ball and I was wearing very tall awesome heels and I was told to try the Party Feet as I would be able to walk and dance all night... (Again) I honestly thought that they wouldn't make ANY difference.. I was VERY WRONG (Again)
I couldn't recommend these enough! They were awesome! I had no problems in walking and didn't get sore, tender feet! These little jelly type clear cushions are going to go in all my heels! If you haven't tried these before you MUST!