Saturday, July 10, 2010

What I Was Missing Out On...

The past two days I have tried two great things that now are a new LOVE of mine. They both have been out available at the shops for a very long time... I have always seen them and thought "Nar, waste of money, wouldn't work"
Now I eat my words... These two products are fantastic and They both will become a normal day to day thing that I will use on a regular basis. What am I talking about you say??

Product Number One: Silicon Cake Molds
On Friday I thought I would give it a shot as most of the cake "Tins" are now silicon. I honestly didn't think they would work. I thought that it would melt or be very difficult to get the cake out in one piece (so I had my good old trusty normal tin as back up just in case) and I was WRONG! Silicon is FANTASIC! I will be now updating my tins "In with the NEW and out with the OLD"

Product Number Two: Scholl Party Feet
Last night I attended the Joondalup Rugby League Ball and I was wearing very tall awesome heels and I was told to try the Party Feet as I would be able to walk and dance all night... (Again) I honestly thought that they wouldn't make ANY difference.. I was VERY WRONG (Again)
I couldn't recommend these enough! They were awesome! I had no problems in walking and didn't get sore, tender feet! These little jelly type clear cushions are going to go in all my heels! If you haven't tried these before you MUST!

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