Monday, August 17, 2009

All Inked Up For A 21st

I am going to do a tattoo inspired wedding cake for the showroom but for the Saturday just gone I was asked to make a 21st birthday cake which was in the same theme.

The 21st cake was a small three tier round, chocolate mud covered in a dark ivory RTR. Black cake board along with 16mm black ribbon around each tier.
I then painted each cake with a leopard print and decorated the cake in icing nautical stars, cherries, little stars, swallows and large red tattoo style roses.
The cake was then finished off with a pin up icing mermaid on top and large bright red hearts with banners saying "Happy" "21st" "Birthday" "Emily"
I will be making a showroom cake similar to this cake this week so keep you eyes peeled!

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