Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wedding Cake Giveaway GOES TO WELLA

We would like to congratulate Wella and her partner who won our wedding cake giveaway.

Here is her 'Will You Marry Me Story'....

...My fiance Dyllen is the most shy-est person you could ever meet so shy that when he proposed to me he wrote me a letter...
This is how it went (I think I was In my 3rd trimester of my second pregnancy )
Dad wants to know if you will marry him
I love you babe and I want you to be my wife...

So sweet! We can't wait to make your wedding cake!

The wedding will be in March 2011 so we will keep you all updated!

we would like to THANK all the brides that messaged us with their stories, they all were so sweet and individual. Great to know that there is so many beautiful men out there under the pressure <3 it

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