Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New to The Blog World

I thought I would share my cake experiences with everyone and what better way to do it then on the web....

With wedding season only a month or so away I have some time to prepare for complete kaos and madness, at the moment its like the claim before the storm. I do work a lot better when I am under the pump and a bit of pressure but I'm a little scared but at the same time I'm very excited and up for another season of challenges.

Before the eye of the storm I will have my 2ND year in Cake Decorating Competition at Perth Royal Show. This year I will be entering three cakes...

*~ Decorated Wedding Cake
*~ Decorated Wedding Cake -Theme is Black Bridesmaids
*~ One Tier Celebration Cake

I have done up a few drawing of each cake and I have my set ideas for the decorated wedding cake and also the celebration cake but I'm a little stuck on the wedding cake with a theme.

I think that the wedding cake with a theme has stumped me so much because the black and white theme wedding I can imagine would be something so close to what I would dream to be having hence why its so hard to make a decision on a design.

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