Monday, October 13, 2008

A client that I will never forget

A few months back on a early Saturday morning appointment I met this bride and her sister.

Before this I had a pretty bad week at work and also life outside of work. I was really thinking about changing my type of job (I don't think I ever will but sometimes you do think about it). That week I felt that my work and efforts wasn't as much appreciated by my clients for all the hard work and time involved in a cake... and it just got to me until I met this client. She made my day and also week.
She was such a lovely lady and so pleasant to talk to, she laid her cards on the table and told me everything she wanted in her dream cake and left the decorating up to me.

She told me bits and pieces about her wedding and I fell in love with her style and I thought "WOW this wedding is going to be absolutely beautiful!"

Also being such a lovely bride everything should just fall in place!

After her appointment on that Saturday she gave me back my energy, drive and passion for my job!
She is on her honeymoon at the moment and I really cant wait till she is back just to hear about her day and also to see some nice photos.

Her cake was such a pleasure to make! I enjoyed every moment and put in all I could to produce her dream cake as we discussed.

She had a three tier round, chocolate icing "ripples" on each tier. She then had a nice icing bow which was to look like a double bow in the two colours that she had on the invites and also around the room.

On the middle tier she then has custom made icing figurines. She emailed me pictures of her dress etc to help me get as close as possible.

She then had a smaller cake, as they have a little girl this cakes had involved her. It was a small 6" round butter cake which was shaped to look like a Pea Pod. In the middle was three peas being for the bride, the groom and then their daughter in the middle with a cute little pink bow.

Here's some pictures of her cakes.

I would like to wish her and her family all the very best for the future and I can't wait for the next chance to make them a cake again! THANKYOU~*

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