Monday, May 17, 2010

Sweet Bake Off Cake Master Piece...

Thank you all so much for all your support.

Sunday the 16Th of may was the "Sweet Bake Off" held at the Court Hotel in Perth. Unfortunately I didn't make it there in time to enter my cake due to a sad family passing.

I dedicate this "Mad Hatter" to my beautiful Nanna Mitchison (Annabella Mitchison) as I know she would have been a little disappointed in me not making it there BUT proud of the cake I did make!

The theme of the day was "Mad Hatter's Tea Party" so I carved the hat and layered the chocolate fudge cake with a rich dark chocolate ganache and iced it in RTR.

Hope you all like it! Since it didn't get judged on Sunday I would LOVE to hear your feedback!

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amy said...

your Cake Looks Awesome! what a shame you didnt make it to the sweet bake off! so sad to hear about your nan, im sure she would have been very Proud!