Wednesday, March 2, 2011


When I received the request for this cake I was like a little child over whelmed by EXCITEMENT!

Timmy Time is a kids show that I enjoy watching with my niece "Mad Moo"
I love the bright colours, the shapes, the cute "round" animals and it is just a "feel good" fun show.

The bright red barn was made from a fluffy white vanilla cake layered in a creamy ganache. All decoration were hand made from RTR.

Happy 2nd Birthday Darius! I hope you had a GREAT birthday down by the river and that you enjoyed your cake!

..."thank u so much for making darius cake. my god it tasted so yummy :) should of seen darius eating it lol he is on a sugar high now"...

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Jodie Moss said...

That is the most awsome thing ever