Monday, September 21, 2009

Mixed Bag of Lollies

Last weekend I had a bit of a mix bag when it come to the cakes that had to be made for weddings around Perth... From Elegant Modern to the Modern Japanese infused cake, all in all it was a great week for cakes and I hope that the rain held off for all the bride's over the weekend.

First we will start with my friend's wedding cake. She had a three tier standard stacked covered in white RTR. Baby blue 9 mm satin ribbon around each tier with beautiful white with soft pink centre roses cascading down the front. At the back of the cake was a bit of fun for the bride and groom! I made a leaped skin piece with tattoo inspired hearts, stars and swallows! It was so much FUN!

Next is was for a small wedding, covered in white icing with Burgundy ribbon and a mix of burgundy roses, lilies and orchids with green ivy to highlight it all. Stunning!

This cake is a smaller version of a three tier standard stacked ivory wedding cake. Chocolate pipe to represent the fine cherry blossom tree with shades of burgundy cherry blossoms.

Also here are just some cup cakes for a bit of fun!

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