Saturday, August 30, 2008

30th August Cakes

This weekend was just enough work to keep me happy. Again a few cup cake towers and two stacked wedding cakes plus I also had a few Holy communion cakes.

This tower will be made up of 120 bite size cup cakes or what we like to call them petites. The flavours were our nice Chocolate Mud, Butter cake, Vanilla Syrup and Choc Pear. Half were iced in white frosting with a small lime heart and the other half were iced in lime green frosting and a small white heart.

I had two white Holy Communion cakes which were iced in white RTR with a bridal white satin ribbon around the cake with a few icing butterflies over the cake. The butterflies were white dusted with a white luster dust just so they looked more special.

*~Keep an eye out as sometime this weekend I will post up my all time favourite cup cake recipe~*

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