Tuesday, August 12, 2008

8th-10th August

!What a Weekend!
I had a few cakes that weekend as well as a good mates 30th birthday, a wedding open day at the Mercure Hotel and my normal weekend amount of rugby.

Friday the 8th was pretty busy with weddings for August. I had a few birthday cakes as well as the wedding cakes.

One of the wedding cakes was a cup cake tower of about 80 with the cutting cake on top and custom made icing figurines. Each cup cake had the silver case iced with white frosting piped on using a large star nozzle. The cutting cake was just iced with white RTR (Plastic icing). A 23mm black satin ribbon and a 3mm bridal white satin through the middle with a cute little bow at the front. The icing figurines on top just finished off the cutting cake nicely.

After the setup and delivery of the cup cake tower I then had another cake to deliver which was a small two tier covered in ivory RTR with baby pink satin 9mm ribbon around each tier. I then finished the cake off with some ivory icing drapes with small pink Singapore icing orchids. This cake turned out so beautiful!

Saturday I had another Cup Cake tower to set up and deliver in Fremantle before my rugby game. This bride did'nt want a cutting cake on top, she just wanted a tower of cup cakes. She had about 80 cup cakes with gold cases, iced with white RTR and a rolled icing orange rose on top. The room was half set up when I arrived and once the tower was complete it really looked the part with what was already set up in the room! Wish I could of seen the room finished.

After a nice win at rugby I then had to go back to work and pack my car up with my showroom cakes to go set up the table for the CakeBox at the Mercure Hotel. I only could take 5 of my cakes as we only had a small table. I needed some room on the table as I wanted a tower of our petites for wedding customers to sample cake flavours.

After the setup I then had to head off to a great mates 30th birthday. I made him a Chocolate Mud slab cake with Chocolate Ganache with Chocolate shards around the edge tied with a bright blue ribbon. His partner email me a great picture of him which I then printed out on icing and had that on top along with some nice pipe work with the Chocolate Ganache. They all loved the cake so the CakeBox will be getting some more orders soon hehe.

Sunday after turning up to my Jr girls game in a dress and skate shoes I had to rush off to Perth for the open day. It went so well! Everyone loved a cake samples and also the cakes we had on display. *~Big Thanks to Hayley the business manager and Julia the Head Chef for helping me~* oh and i changed my shoes to heals once i got to the hotel haha.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kaylee,
YOU ARE AWSOME! these cakes are amazing!
LOVE LOTS Emily & Aunty Leanne!