Thursday, August 5, 2010

HaPPy 1st BiRthDaY LittLe MaD MoO!

I can't get over how fast the year has gone! A year ago myself, My mum, My twin Brother and Sister were waiting in the hospital car park on the arrival of our little girl... One year ago my sister gave birth to the beautiful Maddison Grace! and now she turns ONE!

It has been a great year and I love every minute being an Aunt! She is my little mad moo and I love her Gutz! She always makes me smile, laugh and always keeping me on my toes with all the new things that she is learning! She is one beautiful girl with a great bubbly personality!

The past year has also shown me how awesome my little sister is as a Mum! She has done a great job so far and to see the bond that she has with her daughter is so beautiful! I couldn't be any more proud! We are very blessed!

I couldn't help myself in making Mad Moo her 1st birthday cake. Took over 14 hours to make her master piece and her cup cakes for her tea party birthday! It was great sense of achievement to see her little face covered in cake and icing!

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